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Snatch Block Guide Roller 8Ton
Snatch Block Guide Roller 8Ton

Snatch Block Guide Roller 8Ton

Product ID : TSSB08N
Product Tags : Outdoor
Product Attributes :

Rope or Cable Size: 8mm to 13mm
Safe Working Load: 8,000kg

Color: Red / Black

Product Description

The pulling force of a winch can be doubled so that, since the tensile forces occurring during towing or drawing as in a pulley to be halved. 
You should use this handy tool from one half to two thirds of the maximum load to protect your winch. 
In addition, this snatch block /guide roller having a useful grease nipple (on this is the bearing supplied with lubricant).

  • Breaking load up to 9 tons (9,000 kg)

  • Roll diameter 105 mm

  • Compact and stable design (suitable for continuous use)

  • For steel part suitable (Ø14mm)

  • Weatherproof special black paint

  • Doubles the traction of your winch

  • Precise and gentle rope guide

  • Easy Operation / Installation

  • Already affixed

  • With grease nipple

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