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7 necessary accessories to fit to a 4x4 vehicle

7 necessary accessories  to fit to  a 4x4 vehicle

7 Accessories  to fit to  a 4x4 vehicle

Bull bars:Take to the outback in your off road vehicle and you are never sure of the species of animals that might wander into your path. Have a collision with an animal whilst traveling at speed and it’ll cause a great deal of damage to the front of your 4x4. Prevent this from happening by fitting a set of bull bars to the front of the vehicle, it’ll give your vehicle an extra level of protection.

Driving lamps: Driving on unlit, remote roads can be pretty precarious so an extra set of driving lights will be useful at night. They give you better visibility and light up the road ahead so you can see obstacles in plenty of time.

All terrain tyres: Off road vehicles are built to cover all types of terrain but they still need a little help when it comes to traction. Fit a durable set of all terrain tyres to your 4x4 and it’ll easily cope with steep inclines, sharp descents and slippery surfaces.

Winch: If you get bogged down, struck in a ditch or see other vehicles in distress a winch can be a useful ally. Use it to pull your vehicle free or help other drivers to recover their 4x4s from problem areas.

Fuel cans: Planning a long trip in a remote region with your 4x4? Take extra fuel cans with you, it could be a long drive between fill-ups so a couple of extra jerry cans will be useful.

Water snorkel: We teach drivers how to tackle river crossings using 4x4s and water snorkel helps the engine to breathe in this type of scenario.

Roof rack/tow hitch: There’s a good chance you’ll be carrying a fair amount of equipment with your 4x4 so a roof rack or a tow hitch and a trailer will be handy to transport all the essentials you require.

Buy a 4x4, fit these accessories and you can pretty much go anywhere that you like!